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Preventive Health Care

Guinea pig - preventative care is valuable for all kinds of petAt Friars Moor, we not only care for your pets when they are sick, but we also can help you to keep them healthy and free from the common infectious diseases.

The preventive health care that we offer is based around vaccination, regular worm and flea treatment and giving advice on pet health and feeding. We also offer information on looking after your pets.

Usually the first contact with a vet is at the first vaccinations for the important and serious diseases that can affect puppies, kittens and rabbits. At this appointment we include a general health check (heart, chest, tummy, limbs, ears, eyes, skin, mouth and general appearance) and a free worm and flea treatment (Advocate). We are also happy to discuss feeding and the general care of your pet.

We can weigh your pet at any appointments or indeed at any time that you might have concerns about your pet’s weight. We run an open and friendly practice where we are always happy to give advice.

We carry a full range of vaccines, that we know to be both safe and effective; our free booster reminder service help ensure that the vaccines are kept up to date.

We stock a range of worm and flea products. While non-prescription products are available on an over the counter basis, for prescription only products a pet legally needs “to be under our care”, this means that we must have seen your pet in the past year in order to be able to prescribe these treatments. We offer a free flea and worm check up that enables us to comply with the law and offer you the best in flea and worm prevention products. Our free reminder service helps ensure that all pets are kept up to date with their worm and flea treatment.

You can order repeat prescriptions & flea/worm treatments online.

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