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UPDATE – Dec 28, 2020

Travelling with your pet to Europe after 1st January 2021

You will still be able to take your pet companion with you from 1st January 2021 without the need for quarantine. However, the rules will change: The current requirements for pets to have a microchip and then a rabies vaccination at least 21 days before travel will remain. However, Pet Passports will be replaced by Animal Health Certificates (AHC) which must be signed by a vet within 10 days of travelling. A new AHC will need to be issued every time you travel to the EU with your pet.

Please note that currently, if your pet has a passport issued in the EU (not the UK) and the rabies vaccination is in date, it can be used to travel to Europe and return to the UK. If the rabies vaccine is out of date we can administer the vaccine but cannot update the EU passport. Your pet would then need an AHC to travel. To keep your pet’s EU passport valid, rabies boosters would need to be administered in the EU and the passport filled out at that point.

It is worth retaining old UK pet passports as a record of rabies vaccination and microchipping. Copies of the passport can be used to complete the AHC for travelling to the EU.

More information can be found at here:

As negotiations are still in progress this advice may be subject to change and we advise that you consult the government website before travelling.

Please contact the surgery if, having consulted the government website, you have any further questions about taking your pet abroad.



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