All neutering procedures are carried out under a general anaesthetic. Food should be withheld from your pet from 8pm on the evening prior to the operation but your pet should have access to water throughout the night.

It is advisable to ensure cats are kept inside during the night before the operation in order to prevent them from obtaining food from other sources. Neutering procedures can be carried out at either our Sturminster Newton or Blandford branches. Please phone the practice so we can book your appointment in advance.


Males (“Toms”) – Male cats can be castrated from four months of age. Neutering will reduce the likelihood of your kitten roaming off and becoming injured or involved in fights. It may prevent urine spraying.

Females (“Queens”) – can be spayed from four months of age. The main advantage is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Queens are likely to become pregnant very quickly if they are allowed outside the home. Cats do not need to have a litter before being spayed, this is a common myth we hear.

Infectious diseases such as feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukaemia virus can be transmitted through mating so neutering will also help prevent your cat contracting these viruses.


Males (“Dogs”) – Can be neutered from around four months of age. Please discuss the timing with your vet or nurse as there are breed variations. For some larger breeds we advise to wait until the dog has reached its adult size which can be up to 18 months. Neutering your male dog will reduce the incidence of testicular or prostatic tumours in later life.

Females (“Bitches”) – We are happy to neuter a bitch prior to or after her first season. We like to further discuss the pros and cons with owners if unsure when to spay. Urinary incontinence can occur in some older spayed bitches but there is a lack of evidence as to whether before or after the first season has any greater risk. Neutering your bitch will also remove the possibility of a womb infection or “pyometra” and also ovarian/uterine cancer.


Neutering can be done from four to five months of age. Neutering both males and females will result in them becoming easier to handle and better companions for one another.


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