Our flock club met at the end of September to discuss lameness. We were kindly hosted by Martyn Heard of Donhead Hall who talked to us about how he controls lameness in his flock and in buying in sheep recently what he has done to safeguard his flock. Vets Eleanor and Jo talked through the most common lameness lesions and how these can be controlled and treated. There was a strong emphasis on the trend to move away from trimming sheeps feet and pictures to show the damage that it can cause. Towards the end of the meeting we anonymously benchmarked peoples lambing and lambs at grass data which led to an interesting discussion by all! We look forward to our next meeting in December on the responsible use of antimicrobials.

Some of our farm team had an exceptionally successful day at The Dairy Show at the Bath and West showground on the 4th of October. It was brilliant to see so many clients and be able to share in a delicious ice cream with them. We were also very proud to see some of our clients showing cattle. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Tim McKendrick of the Dairy Group came to give our high yielders club a very informative talk on mastitis and how the milking machine can affect mastitis. We talked about the importance of dynamic testing, something we can now offer as a practice alongside how liner design and use can significantly affect mastitis. Following some recent teat scoring sessions on one of our dairies vets Eleanor and Julian were able to present some data relating to the use of vented triangular liners alongside some data taken from parlour software relating to how milking routine and preparation affects milk let down and the avoidance of biphasic milking. Vet Helen then ended the meeting talking about the use of on farm culturing of mastitis samples and how it has worked well in their herd to aid the reduction in antibiotic usage. We’d like to thank Tim for such a brilliant meeting and also the farmers who attended for engaging in great discussions.

In September Friars Moor were very pleased to run a joint event with trading standards for small holders. The event covered a mixture of both legislation and important husbandry advice. Vets from Friars Moor gave talks on sheep, chickens, pigs and cattle and enjoyed the opportunity to talk to smallholders from across Dorset. Our thanks go to the Primrose family for hosting the event.


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