Preventative Veterinary Services

Is preventative care for your pet a sensible idea?

At our practice we want to keep your pets happy and healthy and to make preventative healthcare easy and affordable.

Our Lifetime Care Club allows you to spread the cost of preventative healthcare over 12 months, receive selected free services and discounts on many other products.

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Veterinary services North Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire

What’s covered?

Full clinical examination by a veterinary surgeon at vaccination time including a check of skin, ears, eyes, heart and lungs, weight, teeth and claws

  • Annual booster*
  • Kennel Cough Vaccination
  • 6 monthly Health Check with a Vet to include nail clip and weight check
  • Annual urine analysis for cats or dogs over 8 years
  • Annual bloods for cats over 8 years
  • Flea, Tick and worm treatments (sufficient for 12 months)
  • Insurance administration fee
  • Microchipping for cats
  • 10% off additional benefits:
    – Neutering
    – Dentals
    – Front of house sales (toys, non-prescription food etc)
  • 10% off additional vaccinations:
    – Rabies
  • 20% off additional parasite treatments

Lifetime Care Club

How much does joining cost?


0-4kg £14.00 / month £18.00 / month
4-10kg £15.00 / month £19.00 / month
10-25kg £17.00 / month £21.00 / month
25kg-40kg £20.00 / month £23.50 / month
>40kg £29.00 / month £34.00 / month


<4kg £13.00 / month £18.00 / month
>4kg £13.50 / month £18.50 / month
*Note: When joining the Junior Club, please select your pet’s expected adult weight. For the Adult Pet and After 8 Club’s please select your pet’s actual weight.

To find out more and apply…

Finding out more and applying to join our lifetime care club is simply. Just download the PDF application form, print it off, complete it and drop it off at reception, or post it in.