Jenny’s Zurich Trip

In mid march Jenny was invited to speak in Zurich on what Friars Moor have done to reduce their antibiotic usage and the current situation in the UK. She joined vets from across Europe to talk about the sustainability of agriculture and farm animal practice and where altered prescribing habits has its place. It is exciting and encouraging to know that Friars Moor are part of a team leading the way to reduce antibiotic usage and antimicrobial usage!! She was treated to a trip around the University of Zurich farm animal hospital and was able to compare the work being done in referral practice in Switzerland and first opinion practice in the UK and the subsequent impacts on economics.

I have been with Friars Moor Vets for 20 years and they have always provided me with a fantastic service, the care, compassion and honesty from Gilla Primrose was outstanding.
Darren Naylor