Friars Moor have hosted another heart stopping training course for our small animal vets, also attended by colleagues from other local practices. ‘Managing Heart Failure in Practice’ was presented by Dr Stephen Collins, a recognised Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology.

Dr Collins outlined the different stages and treatments available when the heart is not beating as efficiently as normal in both dogs and cats. He further discussed that in heart failure we may not necessarily see clinical signs such as a pet being less keen to exercise or coughing but that as the heart is pumping less efficiently the tissues will not receive the usual supply of oxygen and nutrients. A new international study, ‘The EPIC Study’ has found that administering a particular heart medicine to dogs who appear normal but have evidence of a large heart on ultrasound and xray can prolong the healthy phase of life by 15 months on average. This has implications in the future for identifying and potentially treating dogs earlier than we have previously done with substantial clinical benefit.


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