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Flock Club meet up to discuss lambing

On Tuesday 6th June we held our latest flock club meeting by kind permission of Kathryn and Dave Thomson of Eastbury Blue Texels. The topic of the meeting was ‘Managing lamb performance at grass’; focusing on parasites, pasturella and clostridial diseases. We also discussed the anonymous benchmarking data from the scanning and lambing data and discussed being able to benchmark more parameters throughout the year. Kathryn and Dave kindly took us for a ride in their shoot trailer to see the ewes and lambs at further reaches of the farm. It was very interesting to see a slightly different breed of sheep and we were so pleased to see such a great turn out. If you’d be interested in joining us going forwards please get in touch.


They are always very thorough and knowledgeable and aware of the whole farm objectives and strategy.
Mike and Anna Miller