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Health plans

However large or small your herd or flock we can provide a tailored, annual plan of action with regards to worming, vaccination and review the health status of your animals.

Husbandry advice

Our vets are happy to advise on all husbandry issues from housing and nutrition to more specific health advice.

In-house lab

Our in-house laboratory offers same day worm egg and coccidia counts, milk sample culture, haematology and investigation of external parasites. We are very proud of this service as it allows us to use targeted therapy for mastitis cases and rapid turnaround of results in disease outbreaks.

Routine surgeries

We perform many routine surgical procedures including castration, vasectomy and emergency surgery where required.

Smallholders Club and Newsletter

From Summer 2017 the practice will be hosting a Smallholders Club covering topics such as; Parasitism and Control, Lameness and Lambing husbandry. We are also planning some interesting farm walks. The group will be a great place to share knowledge and ideas and to get valuable advice from our vets and technicians.

24 hour emergency services

All our vets are enthusiastic and dedicated farm vets providing our own 24 hour emergency service, (almost) always with a smile on their faces!

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