Sheep Flock Health

Flock Health planning

Small flock of sheepHowever large or small your flock we can provide a tailored, annual plan of action. Our priority is maximising your flock’s productivity, health and welfare. Analysis of disease prevalence must be actively monitored and allows us to target areas where improvements can be made.

Ram fertility testing and breeding soundness examinations

We can carry out Ram Fertility examinations for breeding, selling or insurance purposes. These are performed on farm and the semen is analysed in the Practice Lab.

Dairy Sheep and Goat Consultancy

We currently work with a significant proportion of large Dairy Sheep and Goat herds in the South West. We have an enthusiastic and experienced team of vets working within this specialist and innovative area of farming. We have now hosted two international conferences dedicated to the dairy sheep and goat industry. Please follow this link to register your interest in nex year’s conference and learn more about our consultancy services:

Nutrition advice and metabolic monitoring

We currently offer pre-lambing metabolic profiling for your ewes and results are usually available on the same day. We can also sample for trace element status and analyse feed rations to maximise your lambing efficiency.

Health status accreditation

Gaining health status accreditation involves regular blood sampling of stock to monitor disease status and discussions to ensure that high health status is maintained. As your vets, we see it as a great opportunity to maximise your biosecurity, improve productivity and add value to your stock.

24 hour emergency services

All our vets are enthusiastic and dedicated farm vets providing our own 24 hour emergency service, (almost) always with a smile on their faces!

Post Mortem investigation

We have a dedicated Post Mortem room on site where we can take samples for analysis in-house or to send away for further investigation. We are also able to do PMs on farm if necessary. All Post Mortems should be performed within 24 hours of death.

In house laboratory

Our in-house laboratory offers same day worm egg and coccidia counts, milk sample culture, haematology and investigation of external parasites. We are very proud of this service as it allows us to use targeted therapy for mastitis cases and have rapid turnaround of results during disease outbreaks

I can’t praise the practice enough… If you have yet to choose a vet to entrust your beloved pets, or farm animals to – look no further!!
Haydie Mansfield