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Dynamic Testing of Milking Parlours

Vadia milking parlour testing in useWe are able to offer a service where we assess the vacuum function of the parlour during a milking. This is recommended in addition to the annual static test in order to be able to assess the impact the cows have on the parlour during milking.

Vacuum is measured in the short milk tube and in three of the mouthpieces of a cluster. A machine is attached to the cluster which when later plugged into a computer gives vacuum readings for the four areas mentioned above. ACR settings, biphasic milking, system vacuum and teat end vacuum are all able to be assessed. This can be particularly valuable if not done before, during a period of challenging SCC or in new/extended parlours.

We commonly undertake a dynamic test in conjunction with a milking parlour assessment where we review milking routine, pre and post milking teat preparation, cow and udder cleanliness and a teat score.

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