Beef Services

We have a popular beef suckler herd discussion group in the practice who benchmark their performance and meet up quarterly to discuss seasonal topics. A recent meeting involved a trip to the local abattoir for a fascinating live to dead demonstration.

Bespoke health planning

We can monitor herd performance through analysis of growth rates, disease and mortality data (plus fertility data for the suckler herds) and can identify areas to improve your unit’s productivity.

Fertility management

We use a thorough approach to help suckler herds optimise fertility, including disease control and nutrition, calving block management and bull choice.

Bull fertility testing

This involves a clinical examination of the bull’s condition, vision, locomotion and reproductive apparatus alongside a detailed semen examination following electro-ejaculation. Our vets regularly test bulls both annually pre-breeding, and pre-/post-purchase. We can provide help with EBV selection.

Foot Trimming

All our Foot Trimmers are NACFT approved and undertake regular CPD to keep up-to-date with current lameness protocols. We use HerdKeeper software to record and monitor lameness on our farms and provide crushes and all equipment required for foot trimming sessions.

Health status accreditation

Gaining health status accreditation involves regular blood sampling of stock to monitor disease status and discussions with us to ensure that high health status is maintained. As your vets, we see it as a great opportunity to maximise your biosecurity, improve productivity and add value to your stock. Many of our Pedigree Beef Herds are on disease accreditation schemes with Premium Cattle Health Scheme (PCHS).

Nutrition advice and metabolic monitoring

We can advise our beef suckler units on nutrition pre calving, and use blood profiling as required.

Housing design

We use both disease prevalence data and assessments of how existing buildings really work to suggest practical improvements to increase the health of stock housed in these buildings. When designing new buildings, you will get the best results when you discuss your ideas with your entire advisory team, including your dedicated farm vet.


We have a popular beef suckler herd discussion group in the practice who benchmark their performance and meet up quarterly to discuss seasonal topics. Our finishing beef clients recently had a meeting at the local abattoir. Please contact the practice if you would be interested in joining the group.

24 hour emergency services

All our vets are enthusiastic and dedicated farm vets providing our own 24 hour emergency service, (almost) always with a smile on their faces!

In house laboratory

Our in-house laboratory offers same day worm egg and coccidia counts, milk sample culture, haematology and investigation of external parasites. We are very proud of this service as it allows us to use targeted therapy for mastitis cases and have rapid turnaround of results during disease outbreaks.

Upcoming Events

all-day Milksure @ NFU Offices
Milksure @ NFU Offices
Sep 4 all-day
Milksure @ NFU Offices
A training course for farmers and farm workers to safeguard residue free milk led by vets Eleanor & Jenny. An interactive session appropriate for all dairy farmers. This course will cover how antibiotic failures occur, the legalities, the tests and
The level of support, knowledge and understanding goes above and beyond, from all [the Friars Moor team].
Steve & Jayne Brocklehurst