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Lambing Course

lambing course - ewe lambs and vetWe run lambing courses each spring on a local farm. The course is geared towards people who are keen to be taught how to manage ewes and lambs correctly at this busy time. This one day course is run as a small group to allow lots of ‘hands on’ learning.

Students will learn:

  • Managing sheep in the run up to lambing – nutrition and body condition; vaccination and parasite control.
  • The normal lambing process.
  • How and when to intervene – Recognise and correct different presentations; use lambing ropes and snares, assist and revive lambs. Care of the ewe after an assisted lambing.
  • Recognising and dealing with prolapses, milk fever and twin lamb disease.
  • How to stomach tube lambs and colostrum management.
  • Injecting ewes and lambs.
  • Castrating and tail docking.
  • Management of hypothermia in lambs.

Upcoming Events

all-day Beginners foot trimming course (... @ [Venue tbc]
Beginners foot trimming course (... @ [Venue tbc]
Oct 27 all-day
Beginners foot trimming course (day 3 of 3) @ [Venue tbc]
Practical foot trimming course to include theory of foot anatomy and trimming, routine trimming using the Dutch 5 step method, trimming of common lameness conditions, applications of blocks and discussions of sdditional therapies. Tuesday 13th October, Friday 23rd October, Tuesday
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