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Training, Courses & Events

farm training and courses - including ITOrganising training courses and farm meetings has become an integral part of the service we offer our large animal clients. We endeavour to provide training in many aspects of animal husbandry and courses are often run with relevance to the time of year. We are often able to gain valuable funding through the South West Healthy Livestock Initiative. This helps us to keep costs to our farmers to a minimum.

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For information on forthcoming courses (and other events) please see our Calendar.

There are also links to the next few under ‘Upcoming Events’, on the left of most pages, throughout the Livestock Health section of the website.

There are also links to the next few under ‘Upcoming Events’, towards the foot of most pages, throughout the Livestock Health section of the website.

Calving Course

The calving course is a one-day small group, practical course aimed at farm staff who are new or feel inexperienced when calving cows. To date we have run the course for young farmers and college students. We recently ran a dual language course with a Polish interpreter.
more about Calving Course >

Lambing Course

We run lambing courses each spring on a local farm. The course is geared towards people who are keen to be taught how to manage ewes and lambs correctly at this busy time…
more about Lambing Course >

DIY AI Course

Our farm vets have many years experience running AI courses which allow attendees to become certified in doing their own artificial insemination on farm. The courses involve…
more about DIY AI Course >

Responsible Use of Medicines

To ensure that animals are treated effectively and safely, to protect the person administrating the treatment and to ensure that your money is spent wisely, safe use of medicines must be practised at all times on farm.
more about Safe and Appropriate Use Of Medicines

Foot Trimming Course

Our farm vets and foot trimmers run a three day foot trimming course. The course involves a morning of classroom based theory followed by a further two and a half days of practical trimming in small groups.
more about Foot Trimming Course

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