Due to the changing Covid-19 situation we will now be reducing our pet veterinary provisions to emergency only.

ALL routine work will now stop. This includes neutering, vaccinations, nail clips and health checks. Non-essential dentals (those where medicines can help) will also be postponed. We will still be providing emergency service for those animals which are sick, injured, or needing to be put to sleep. Therefore please call 01258 472314 if you find yourself in this position – this would constitute essential travel to the clinic, but we may offer telephone or video consultation if we feel it is appropriate especially if you are in self-isolation, or are unwell with Covid-19.

If you need to bring your pet in for treatment or examination, then we will kindly ask you to drop your pet off with minimal contact and then we will call you to discuss treatment further. This is to protect our staff, and yourselves, from spreading Covid-19. Please respect this decision and allow our staff to provide as best a service as they can in these challenging circumstances.

Vaccinations – if your pet’s vaccinations are due, it will be ok to delay this by 3 months or so. The risk of vaccination lapsing and causing disease is less than the risk of spreading Covid-19 by travelling to the clinic. Please note that cancelled boosters will not automatically receive a reminder, please make a note to re-book your appointment in 6 weeks time.

Regular medicines – if your pet is on regular medicine we have made provisions to be able to supply this medicine in the coming weeks and months. Please do not panic buy or order excessively. We will be able to dispense medicines and arrange collection (without personal contact) at the practice (Sturminster Newton branch).

Please note the Blandford and Shaftesbury branches are closed.

Please call Sturminster Newton to arrange collection of your medicines/flea and worm treatment. Please:

  • allow 24 hours for your order;
  • check under ‘Our Surgeries’ below for any changes in opening hours; and
  • call the practice again on your arrival: Tel 01258 472314 

We look forward to resuming normal service in the near future.

Thank you

Friars Moor Veterinary Clinic

Covid-19 – notice & updates


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