We are extremely proud to have one of the very first veterinary nurses as one of our clients with us here at Friars Moor Vets!

This is Marion, posing with her dog Midge, and the medal that she was awarded for achieving the highest marks in her year when she qualified, she was number 88 to qualify, wow!

She was a RANA (Registered Animal Nursing Auxiliaries) and was able to change her title to Veterinary Nurse in 1984. Not only this but she has a BSc(Hons) in Biological Sciences, she is a Tellington TTouch Practitioner, an ACE Associate Tutor, a WSDA Scentwork Instructor a DTC Approved Trainer, and of course a veterinary nurse!

Marion is still very active within the industry and stays involved in dog behaviour and welfare circles and is looking to work alongside other Trainers and Behaviourists as she is very keen on the idea that just like humans, dogs won’t relate to every person they come across. For example – if we weren’t to get along with our counsellor or doctor we wouldn’t continue going to them and we would find someone else, dogs don’t have this choice and we have to make it for them, but we can only do that by working together and referring dogs to one another to see if the dogs needs lie better with another Trainer or Behaviourist.

If you would like to reach out to Marion you can email her here *email pending approval*


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