Izzie Koch Farm Operations and Drug Purchasing Manager (LH)

Izzie Koch

Izzie is drug purchasing and farm operations manager at Friars Moor. She gained a large animal SQP qualification in 2014 enabling her to advise and dispense medicines such as wormers and vaccines for cows, sheep and poultry. Izzie has worked at Friars Moor since June 2009.

She has a labradoodle called Ralph, a black cat called Lupin and a few chickens who make a mess in the garden. In her spare time, she enjoys a spin with the Friars Moor cycling team, baking cakes and helping her parents out with their flock of sheep.

I have been with Friars Moor Vets for 20 years and they have always provided me with a fantastic service, the care, compassion and honesty from Gilla Primrose was outstanding.
Darren Naylor