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Alex Williams Foot Trimmer

Alex Williams

Alex’s grandparents were dairy farmers and growing up he spent a lot of time on their farm, encouraging his love for agriculture from an early age. He has worked within the agriculture sector for the last 16 years, after having a short spell working within the extreme sports industry!! His roles have been mainly within dairy farms, working from stockman up to management and recently working with sheep, which has encouraged his new love of working with and training his sheepdog Toby.

Alex has also recently undertaken a course to pregnancy-scan sheep. He has a passion for “grass based” farming in dairy and sheep, and is a member of various livestock and agricultural discussion groups.

Alex has four daughters, who have all inherited his love of farming and the countryside. He tries to spend what little time he has free between his foot trimming and other work to enjoy time with his family and dogs, as well as getting out in the Dorset countryside on bike or on foot.

I am blessed to have Friar’s Moor Vets on my doorstep, not that it would matter, I would definitely travel!!
Haydie Mansfield