Puppy Parties

friars moor puppy party - two young dogs and toyOur puppy parties provide an opportunity to develop your puppy’s social skills, allowing them to interact with others whilst being in a safe and controlled environment. We have no more than five puppies per session so as not to over-whelm the puppies.

As well as the social benefits, attending our puppy parties can allow your dog to have a positive association with the practice and the smells that go with it. We often find those returning to the practice later on in life are happy and relaxed about their visit.

What puppy parties can provide for you and your puppy:

  • Access to our nurses for guidance and advice
  • Informed hand-outs covering many aspects of your puppy’s emotional and physical development
  • A chance to familiarise yourself with your puppy’s play behaviour with guidance on how to gently interrupt should they become over exuberant
  • A clean, safe and low stress environment where your puppy can meet, play and interact with others. Allowing them to gain confidence whilst developing an understanding of body language and facial expressions
  • A chance to provide your puppy with a positive experience, resulting in a worry free association with the practice and the meeting of other dogs

We ask that puppies are 12 weeks old or under, and have received their first vaccination.

Our puppy parties are held as a two week course taking place on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening between 6.30 and 7.30pm at our Sturminster Newton branch. Please speak to a nurse for further information and call our Sturminster Newton branch to book a place.

We all love our pets and, for 18 years, Friars Moor Veterinary Practice in Sturminster Newton has been giving me the confidence that I was doing the very best I could for mine.
Angela Faulkner