pet passports - dog in suitcaseThe pet travel scheme implemented the relaxation of rules related to pet travel which came into effect from the 1st Jan 2012. Pets can enter the UK from all over the world providing they meet certain regulations; these can vary depending on the country from which you are travelling from.

All the information and regulations can be found on the DEFRA Pet Travel website.

First and foremost your pet must be
Microchipped & Vaccinated against Rabies

To travel and return to the UK your pet must:

  • Be Microchipped
  • Be Vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before travelling
  • Have a Pet Passport issued
  • Use an approved transport company and route
  • If returning to the UK, be treated for tapeworms 24-120 hours before entry to the UK.

Tick treatment is no longer required under the scheme but we would strongly advise protecting your pet while abroad from ticks, sand-flies and mosquitoes which may carry diseases not encountered in the UK. We can advise and supply appropriate preventive treatment.

For full details of the Pet Travel scheme please visit the DEFRA Pet Travel website.

Travel to countries other than those covered under the Pet Travel Scheme is generally more complicated and may require using a specialist pet travel service.

Please contact the surgery if you have any questions about taking your pet abroad.


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