We have a variety of goat herds in the practice including several commercial milking goat dairies, a Boer meat herd, pedigree breeders and small holdings.

Herd Health planning

Our priority is maximising your herd’s productivity, health and welfare. Analysis of disease prevalence must be actively monitored and allows us to target areas where improvements can be made.

Dairy Sheep and Goat Consultancy

We currently work with a significant proportion of large Dairy Sheep and Goat herds in the South West. We have an enthusiastic and experienced team of vets working within this specialist and innovative area of farming. We have now hosted two international conferences dedicated to the dairy sheep and goat industry. Please follow this link to register your interest in nex year’s conference and learn more about our consultancy services: http://dairysheepandgoat.com/

Nutrition advice and metabolic monitoring

Feeding is key in the goat herd, especially in the pre kidding period. We can help formulate rations and monitor the goats with metabolic blood profiling.


We are happy to disbud goats on farm or in the surgery. We also perform routine surgeries including castration.

24 hour emergency services

All our vets are enthusiastic and dedicated farm vets providing our own 24 hour emergency service, (almost) always with a smile on their faces!

Post mortem investigation

We have a dedicated Post Mortem room on site where we can take samples for analysis in-house or send away for further investigation. We are also able to do PMs on farm if necessary. All Post Mortems should be performed within 24 hours of death.

In house laboratory

Our in-house laboratory offers same day worm egg and coccidia counts, milk sample culture, blood biochemistry and investigation of external parasites. We are very proud of this service as it allows us to use targeted therapy for mastitis cases and rapid turnaround of results during disease outbreaks.

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Upcoming Events

3:00 pm Flock Club Meeting: Lameness @ Donhead Hall
Flock Club Meeting: Lameness @ Donhead Hall
Sep 25 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Flock Club Meeting: Lameness @ Donhead Hall
Our next flock club meeting is to be held on lameness and sponsored by MSD. Alongside the lameness aspect of the meeting the next set of data from your online SAC health plans will be benchmarked. The meeting is kindly
3:00 pm Beef Suckler Group Meeting: Embr... @ Wessex Lowlines
Beef Suckler Group Meeting: Embr... @ Wessex Lowlines
Oct 10 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Beef Suckler Group Meeting: Embryo Transfer @ Wessex Lowlines
This meeting will be based around Embryo Transfer and will be a farm walk and discussion. Free to members of the Beef Discussion Group. Please RSVP to Lucy or to the office. More about Beef Suckler Group.
The team at Friars Moor have looked after our pets for many years. The quality of veterinary care is always second to none.
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