Izzie Place Livestock Manager / Drug Purchasing Manager (LH)

Izzie Place

Izzie works alongside Jess as the Livestock Operations Manager and Drug Purchasing Manager. She gained a large animal SQP qualification in 2014, and oversees the in house laboratory. Izzie has worked at Friars Moor since June 2009.

She has a mad black labrador called Pepper, a labradoodle called Ralph, a black cat called Lupin and a few chickens. In her spare time, she helps her parents out with their flock of sheep, and helps run the Friars Moor running team.

I have been with Friars Moor Vets for 20 years and they have always provided me with a fantastic service, the care, compassion and honesty from Gilla Primrose was outstanding.
Darren Naylor