Helen Rogers Vet, Director

Helen Rogers


Helen graduated from Cambridge in 2006, working first in Oxfordshire, before she relocated with her husband and their dairy herd to Dorset. The move suited them all (cows included) very well, and they have really settled into this friendly and thriving dairy area.

Helen’s daughter was born in 2015, so she is now busy teaching her to love spending time on the farm (a necessity when your parents are a vet and farmer)! Aside from farming and veterinary work, Helen enjoys gardening, escaping for a run, or reading a good novel.

Helen recently completed her Diploma in Bovine Reproduction, an area of veterinary input which fascinates her.

I have been with Friars Moor Vets for 20 years and they have always provided me with a fantastic service, the care, compassion and honesty from Gilla Primrose was outstanding.
Darren Naylor