Anthony Wilkinson Vet, Director

Anthony Wilkinson


In 2016 he met up with the vets he qualified with, for a 35 year reunion. It does not seem that long!

Anthony joined the practice in 1990 and enjoys work tremendously! He spends time doing both pet work and farm work; he describes himself as the last of the dinosaurs! He lives locally and is active in the community; he is a member of the vegetable and flower show committee and is a primary school governor, though now retired from village pantomime. He is a keen gardener, specialising in profuse weed growth and competitive tomato growing (with the other vets) and is a keen cyclist, who enjoys making beer, cider and cheese. He annoys his family by practising his flute badly and many other things beside.

Anthony chairs a farm vet committee for XLVets, and delivers a short talk before each meeting, recent topics have included his work 30 years ago on tropical viral diseases of cattle. Involvement in XLVets helps keep the practice up with everything.

I have been with Friars Moor Vets for 20 years and they have always provided me with a fantastic service, the care, compassion and honesty from Gilla Primrose was outstanding.
Darren Naylor